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What content design is

Content Design makes content easier for people to understand. Content Designers can take complex, often technical information and turn it into plain English, without losing sight of any legal or policy needs.

By improving how easy it is to understand a text or question, they help create a better user experience, reduce errors and speed up the time it takes to complete processes. 

A Content Designer works closely with User Researchers, Content Strategists, Service Designers, Product Owners, Developers, UX / Interaction Designers and policy and legal stakeholders. Everything they do is based on user needs, evidence for which is derived from user testing and close liaison with key stakeholders. 

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Skills content designers need

It is important on include Content Designers from the earliest stage of any digital project. This is known as a ‘content-first’ approach.

Experienced Content Designers are able to create basic service designs, wireframes and prototypes as well as set out what content is required. This helps with planning of digital transformation projects.

It is a common misconception that Content Designers can be brought onto a team once the screens have been designed to merely tweak draft wording. Content Designers can advise on where explanations, examples and help text is needed, for example. 

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How content design adds value

Content Designers are crucial to the success of digital transformation processes. They form hypotheses, verify these by user research, analyse evidence of how easy or difficult content is to understand, and know how to phrase content in ways that are unlikely to be misinterpreted.

Depending on the size and composition of the team, our Content Designers are capable of seeing the bigger picture and are not afraid to challenge stakeholders, if necessary. 

By translating complex information into accessible, easy to read content they reduce mistakes, reduce the need for support and speed up application processes. In short, they help create a better user experience. This in turn boosts confidence, reduces reputational risk and improves efficiency. And they can train and coach others too!

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Our Content Designers in London

Our Content Designers are very experienced in guiding other team members in developing user-centred solutions. They implement strategies without losing sight of crucial user insights.

They are experts at stakeholder management and able to knock up high quality content, wireframes and prototypes at short notice. We like to think of them as devil’s advocates on projects, always championing a fresh and innovative perspective based on applied common sense, experience and user needs.

Our Content Designers are recruited, supervised and mentored by a highly experienced Head of Content. This is a highly experienced expert practitioner who conducts quality assurance on all Content Design output as an additional safeguard for our clients.

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