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What Content Strategy is

Content Strategy is “seeing the bigger picture”. A Content Strategist needs to be develop a perspective across an entire digital transformation project. In some cases, that may mean: understanding wider implications and long-term impact of content and user experience design decisions, even if that may take decades to deliver.

We did it for Universal Credit, for example. We started delivering Content Strategy and Content Design for it when the project was first launched in 2012. Almost a decade later (and a £12 billion investment), the project team is still mapping every possible scenario and delivering end-to-end user journeys for them.

A Content Strategist needs to be brilliant at stakeholder management and user research analysis. Based on that evidence, they can map out digital services and deliver strategic thought-leadership.

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How Content Strategy works

The role of the Content Strategist sits somewhere between that of a Content Designer and a Service Designer. Content Strategists are very focused on the strategic planning. They establish the parameters, restrictions and synergies of a project, often within a legal, policy framework. They work out what content is needed and where.

A Content Strategist may create tone of voice, style guide, governance, workflows and taxonomies. A good Content Strategist can also knock up wireframe and workable prototypes too. 

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How Content Strategy adds value

Content Strategists are brave yet friendly warriors. They champion their vision and strategic thought-leadership to the rest of the team and to internal and external stakeholders. They are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking to deliver the best possible user experience.

Most Content Strategy experts we know are great fun. Because of their exceptional people skills and ability to see different perspectives, they are able to direct and motivate other team members. In a world of Trello boards, sticky notes and ‘to do’ lists, they are the glue that binds it all together in an inspiring end-to-end digital transformation strategy.

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