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What Public Relations is

Public Relations (PR) experts help our clients put their content in front of their target audiences through print, digital and broadcast media. They build an extensive network of media contacts and know exactly where to promote your press release, sector analysis or expertise to achieve maximum publicity. 

Reputation management is an important part of Public Relations. Media coverage provides reassurance and helps to build trust with customers, both existing and prospective, and strategic partners. Being quoted regularly by mainstream media and industry publications conveys your expertise, your understanding of what interests your target audience and helps raise your organisation’s profile.

Public Relations

How Public Relations works

Our Public Relations experts can handle media enquiries, plan campaigns, write and distribute press releases and commentary, run social media accounts, provide media training, organise media events and proactively network to get your organisation media exposure. They know how to write content that helps journalists and adds value. Relevant, timely and waffle-free market commentary, press releases and research. They can advise on and manage community and charity relations too, as part of your corporate social involvement strategy.

PR professionals are terrific networkers. They know who to contact and when. They advise our clients on strategic communications, managing expectations in an open and honest manner. That’s important, because great public relations delivery takes time. It’s not something you can turn on and off at will.

With online and print media teams often merged these days at national newspapers, they understand that every second counts when it comes to meeting deadlines. From an interest rate announcement to seeing your response live on the Financial Times website in under 20 minutes? It’s all in a day’s work!

Public Relations

How Public Relations adds value

PR helps our clients reach new audiences, including those who may not be regular internet users. Dotcoms can build trust by boosting their ‘bricks and mortar’ credentials through media coverage in magazines, newspapers, online publications and broadcast media. Our clients benefit by demonstrating their expertise, driving customer engagement and generating leads.

Our PR team has many years of experience in helping clients raise their media profile. Whether it is specialist media, such as Property Week and Investor Chronicle, or mainstream media, such as the BBC, Classic FM, Daily Telegraph or The Times, they deliver clear and measurable results day in, day out for our clients. 

Public Relations
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