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What training and coaching is

Training and coaching helps you upskill your digital team for better performance. We are highly experienced in delivering workshops, training materials, coaching and one-on-one mentoring across the UK and the rest of Europe.

We can conduct a skills audit on your digital team to identify gaps. This is particularly useful if you are considering a major digital transformation project. It provides your team with the confidence and skills required to kick-off your project fully prepared and energised.

training and coaching

How we deliver training and coaching

Our training and coaching covers specific roles, such as Content Design, or topics like ‘How to prepare for a GDS assessment’. We typically tailor training and coaching to the needs of your organisation and team. This means that we can make the best use of the time available and deal with any key issues that need to be addressed.

Workshops range from short, intensive classes to full-day, interactive workshops. They include any training materials and refreshments, where appropriate. We also offer online training options, if your team is based on multiple locations or you prefer training on demand.

training and coaching

How training and coaching adds value

Training and coaching provides benefits that range from a useful skills refresher to a strategic upgrade for individuals or entire teams. We pace training to ensure that participants can absorb as much as possible, raise any queries and learn by sharing experiences with other participants. 

We know from experience that our training, coaching and mentoring boosts team confidence and energy, and helps to deliver better digital performance. 

training and coaching
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