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What UX Designers do

UX Design experts (User Experience Designers, to give them their full name) are interaction designers who create screen designs before they go into development. 

A UX Designer will often work closely with a Content Strategist, Content Designer, Service Designer and User Researcher. UX Designers create screens around user needs. Since every project is different, that may take into account a need not to lose data when a screen times out, for example. 

Depending on the size and budget of the team and the composition of the digital transformation team, the UX Designer will either come up with their own draft designs or turn wireframes and prototypes created by others into more formalised draft designs. These then have to be tested extensively by a User Researcher to see if they are clear to users. 

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How UX Design works

Good UX Designers need a really solid understanding of the UK government design principles, if working on government digital projects. They take a thought-leadership role within digital teams by making user experience design recommendations.

UX Designers base their recommendations on user research. Their working designs are also tested extensively with users before going into production. Often, a UX Designer will create multiple versions of the same screens to test which one provides the best user experience. This is known as A/B testing. 

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How UX Designers add value

UX Design can really bring a digital project to life, by creating wireframes, working prototypes and screen designs. From concept to visualisation, UX Designers work closely with other team members to deliver the screen designs and other design elements that are needed.

UX Design is not always a wildly creative process. Particularly on government digital projects, tried-and-tested design methodologies must be applied. It needs people who are big on personality, not ego. But a good UX Designer can add real value to a project by applying existing government design principles correctly and making innovative recommendations where necessary. UX Design decisions form an important for of any service assessment by the Government Digital Service (GDS).

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UX Designers in London

Our UX Designers in London are much in demand and often work across multiple projects simultaneously. From sketching concepts to delivering finalised screen designs, they visualise end-to-end user journeys and support User Research. Especially in an Agile team environment, we need people we can trust blindly.

We only work with UX Designers in London who have verifiable experience of designing within the government design principles. As well as an impressive portfolio, they need to be real team players with a passion for user-centred design. People who are great to work with and great to go down the pub with after work. 

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